Eversys jobs

Eversys espresso machine run the best espresso coffee as fasr as nature allows us to! 350 cup/hour on just a 56 cm width surface. More needed? Try the E6m with 525 cup/hour from 84 cm buffet... do we have your attention? 

Being the best in coffee is your password to enter the barista 2.0 world of coffee. See a vacancy you fit like a gloove? Write to info@eversys.nl

Quality manager

Are you the new Quality Manager for Eversys NL? Qualified with... Coffee 2.0 knowlegde, being the best and most charming coffee & latte art trainer, hospitality tiger with commercial focus, eager to support our clients in serving the best cup, excited to work with top clients and the best espresso machine ever! Write: info@eversys.nl

Technical wizard

  • Are you a passionate espresso machine technician?
  • Are you trilled to work with the best coffee machine in the world?
  • Are you ready to be part of the next generation in espresso technique?
    Triple YES I DO? Write to apply for a top engineer/technician job @Eversys NL and become part of a super team supporting great coffee. (HQ is based in The Hague/NL - English speaking is a must, Dutch and German a nice to have)

E-Barista relationship manager

  1. upbeat and friendly
  2. lots of energy to support clients over and over again with coffee TECH knowledge
  3. great listening and teaching skills
  4. hard working and dependable
  5. multi task - coffee knowledge up to not afraid to use a skrew driver
  6. how to make good cofffee GREAT
  7. you smell like coffee :-)
  8. good at dealing with crazy people with passion for what they serve
  9. your sleeves are always up, ready to jump in at clients sites in supporting their growth

9x match and more? write: info@eversys.nl